Renowned for the biodiversity of its Amazon forests and the lesser-known Mata Atlantica, Brazil also has an incredibly rich culinary scene that stretches from Pernambuco in the northeast to Rio Grande do Sul in the far south.


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Like everything else in Brazil, traditional cuisines are often a fusion of traditional recipes from a range of cultures. In this episode of Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie, you’ll find a Euro-centric take on Amazonian cuisine, bold Brazilian sushi, and a piping hot Afro-Bahian seafood stew.


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Elsewhere, Anthony Bourdain explores Brazil’s two most famous cultural hubs when he visits Sao Paulo in The Layover and Rio de Janeiro in No Reservations: Rio. In Sao Paulo, Tony joins his Paulista pals and visits the highly esteemed restaurant Mocotó for some of the staples of Northeast Brazil, including mocotó itself, a stew of dried meat, cow’s foot, sausage, bacon, and salt pork. In the cidade maravilhosa, Tony discovers “perfection in a dish” when he digs into the Brazilian national treasure feijoada and happily throws back a few caipirinhas.


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Finally, in Booze Traveler, Jack Maxwell joins South America’s largest street procession in Rio, tries his hand, er, foot, at footvolley, and downs shots of cachaça with locals at a spirited samba party.


So bring a little Brazil home and enjoy all the culinary delights it has to offer!