Very few jobs sound as fun as “space bounty hunter” and actor Luke MacFarlane (known for his work on Brothers and Sisters) is relishing the role.  On Killjoys (airing Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy) Luke plays D’avin, an intergalactic enforcer with a military background that he doesn’t completely remember. We asked him about training for the show and what he watches in his own time.

How is being a bounty hunter in space different from being a modern bounty hunter? Any specific intergalactic challenges?
In space, no one can hear you scream.

How do you think you’d fare as a real life bounty hunter?
Generally speaking I’m a pretty sympathetic person, so I imagine any of my apprehended captors would end up talking me out of taking them in for the bounty.

Did you watch any bounty hunter shows (like Dog the Bounty Hunter) for inspiration?
There are a lot of “Bounty Hunter” comparisons, but I think of us more as Covert Operatives, like Blackwater contractors in a war zone.

Your character has a bit of mystery surrounding him, what can you tell us about his backstory?
Davin was in the military and was a very decorated soldier. Something happened to him, but he doesn’t know what. He lost big chunks of his memory … stay tuned!

We do know that your character comes from a military background, how much time did you spend training for this role?
I’ve always been fairly active so this role was an opportunity to take my workouts to the next level and really hone some fighting skills. It’s something I’d like to continue working on.

When you have the time, what are some of your favorite shows to watch?
I’m a big fan of Bones. I loved The Fall on BBC, and gosh what else … Silicon Valley is so good, Manhattan, reruns of MythBusters, Al Jazeera News is a staple of my TV diet, American Crime, Inside Amy Schumer … my taste in TV shows is eclectic and ever changing.

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