Alicia Menendez loves pop culture, and she’s not afraid to approach it from all angles. On her new show, Come Here & Say That, she gives uses her patented approach to talk current events, Internet sensations, and pop culture, Beyond just running commentary, she branches out with sketches and interviews to go deeper on what’s really happening. We asked her who inspires her, and why she thinks Miami is the best place to be.

What do you love about doing this show on Fusion?
Fusion understands that if you are going to create content for this generation, then you need to allow this generation to be in charge of that content—not just to be the face of that content, but also to be driving the sort of the stories that we chose to cover and the way we chose to cover them.

You hit on it a bit, but you do so many great things with Fusion, there are so many interesting shows. What interested you in this network?
There’s nothing like Fusion out there. The combination of news, comedy, and pop culture—it simply doesn’t exist [elsewhere]. To find a place where we could bring all of my favorite things together, many people’s favorite things together, under one roof was incredibly exciting. And the fact that it is really focused on this generation, my generation, which is the youngest most diverse in American history, makes it all the more special.

What do you love about living and networking in Miami?
Miami is such an up-and-coming city. It is a city that’s ripe for the taking. I think if you’re in New York—New York has a media scene. I think if you’re in L.A.—L.A. has a media scene. You come to Miami, it’s really a burgeoning metropolis in so many ways. There’s a new food scene, there’s a new art scene, and now there’s a new media scene. It’s fun to be part of that new guard.

When you have the time, what are some shows that you love to watch? What are your guilty pleasures?
Well, I recently got married so Say Yes to the Dress, but now I feel like I have to actually wean myself off of Say Yes to the Dress. I am a big Empire fan. Love Empire. I want to grow up and be more like Cookie. I am a big fan of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, it’s amazing. I really sort of love anything that has strong female protagonist.

With social, who are some of your favorite influencers, content creators, or celebrities you like to follow on Instagram and Twitter? Who inspires you?
I have to say, in-house, Jorge Ramos is incredible because he is serving this very complex audience where he both has the people he interacts with in Spanish language, and he has an audience he interacts with in English language. And to see him be able to bridge that gap between those two things is very interesting to me. On Insta, I love following someone like Lena Dunham. I feel like she does a very good job of stripping down filters. It’s not about the glamour of her life, it’s very much about what’s actually happening in her life. My good friend, Janet Mock, I love on every platform. I think she’s just so smart, so savvy. She’s definitely someone to watch. Celebrity, celebrity types—eh, I’m less interested. I feel like I get a lot of access to them on other platforms.

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