Full Circle is not your average show, as fans of the interwoven drama can attest. Viewers of Season 1 quickly became hooked on the aerobic storytelling and powerful acting. When Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, March 25 on Audience , the narrative bursts forth into a new setting. This time, the action centers on an Irish pub in Chicago as various folks struggle with corruption and morality—and possibly very deadly revenge.

Each episode focuses on two characters, so there aren’t traditional leads—more like “stars of their episode” as Executive Producer Nick Hamm puts it. And it’s a star-studded cast. With Calista Flockhart, Terry O’Quinn, Rita Wilson, Brittany Snow, Patrick Fugit, Chris Bauer, Kate Burton, and Stacy Keach, the rooster reads like a who’s who of accomplished film, theater, and TV actors.

“All of us came aboard because we heard each other’s names,” said Eric McCormack, who plays Ken Waltham.

Well, that and the script. “The minute I read the very first episode I just knew I was going to do it,” said Kate Burton, who plays Vera Quinn.

See the producers and cast discuss the process of coming aboard below.
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This season focuses on the consequences of telling the truth, as each character grapples with what will happen as they choose whether to speak up or stay silent and become part of a crime system.

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“It’s a very different look and a very different vibe and it takes place in a different city. I love the authenticity of this sort of downtown, old-school Chicago bar,” Rita Wilson says. “The vibe of it is very gritty. It has much more of a feature-film mob kind-of look to it.”

Writer Keith Huff utilized the tucked-in booths or “snugs” featured in many bars that encourage people to stay, and have, perhaps, nefarious conversations.

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Who will make it out of Season 2 alive? Don’t miss the season premiere of Full Circle on Wednesday, March 25 at 8/7c on Audience (Ch. 239). Read more about the cast and crew.