Summer is finally here, but the heat really kicks in with the August 3rd season two premiere of E!’s hit reality show, #RichKids of Beverly Hills. DIRECTV spoke with #RichKid Jonny Drubel about his music, his devotion to Miley Cyrus, and how he plans on spending the rest of his summer.

You’re a singer/songwriter… who are you listening to right now, and who is going to be the next big thing in music?

Right now I am listening to a lot of Ariana Grande. Her voice is literally like that of full gospel chorus. I’m a massive fan and I see her becoming a big gay icon. She also loves the gays so it makes it even better. Also a massive fan of Sia right now.

Right now there are two people I love that I personally think will break. #1. Although she already has a following, I think it’s just the beginning for her. Iggy Azalea is so talented that I know she will keep climbing that ladder. She’s unique and she writes all of her own music. Gotta love that.
#2. Adonis. He is young and I have heard him in the studio. Major talent. This young kid can sing his ass off. He makes the little girls go crazy. It’s hilarious.

You mentioned on your Twitter feed that you’re obsessed with Miley Cyrus. Can’t you get the good folks at E! to make an introduction?

HINT HINT HINT to the executives at E! I. Would. Die. I would literally just break into a Miley medley. I would start with “Party In the U.S.A.” and take it all the way to “Wrecking Ball.” I love her and respect her. She has completely reinvented herself as an artist.

You’re a bit of an Instagram addict—in a good way! What’s the longest you’ve gone without posting? For the record, fans can find you at

I LOVE Instagram. Two reasons: #1. I’m a visual person. #2. I’m not much of a reader. It just isn’t my thing so Instagram works very well for me.

It’s funny because I can go for days without posting (which isn’t proper Instagram etiquette), but I will check it hourly. I just love that scrolling feeling.

Can you talk a bit about the #ComingOutMatters mission?

#ComingOutMatters is an online community where people can post their coming out stories. Whether you have come out yourself or know someone who has come out, we all have a story. We hope that people who are struggling with coming out (or can’t come out at all) will visit the site and hear other stories. No one should ever feel alone. #COM is providing that [there’s a] safe place for LGBTQ youth to visit.heh

Summer is almost half over already. What’s been your best experience so far, and what are you going to try to fit in before Labor Day?

OMG it has been a working summer! It’s so funny because I am huge into travel and HAVEN’T LEFT LA THIS SUMMER, which is a first in the eight years that I have lived here. But honestly I love what I am doing right now so I am focused on work and excited about what is to come. I can always travel later! I am going to the Bahamas in a couple of weeks just to get away. It will be nice and very, very hot.

Catch the season two premiere episode of #RichKids of Beverly Hills on Sunday, August 3 on E! (Channel 236), or watch it now on DIRECTV On Demand.