We’ve gotten to know comedy veteran Marc Maron (@marcmaron) over nearly 500 episodes of his wildly popular WTF podcast. Equally successful is his hit IFC series, Maron, which is about to start its second season on Thursday, May 8 at 10/9c. Marc took a few minutes to speak with DIRECTV about what we can expect from the new episodes, his expansive collection of vinyl, and what he does to keep himself grounded.

We’ll start with the obvious… tell us about the new season.

I’m very proud of it. I think we’ve got a lot of great stories.

The character of Marc Maron is not completely successful, but a little more successful than he was in the first season. He’s trying to deal with the slight bump in popularity. His emotional life is still complicated and his professional life is really just about trying not to screw things up.

We’ve got a lot of great guest stars. I’m very excited about the story. We’ve really pulled together some great episodes.

On your Twitter this week, you said that you were jealous of people that have their [stuff] together, but it seems like you really do have your [stuff] together. You’re travelling the country, you’ve got the podcast, you’ve got the show…

The thing is, having one’s [stuff] together in terms of being able to work, and seemingly the career is going well, but emotionally… not so great. I’m thrilled with what I’m working on, and that people are digging it, all that stuff is going great. When it comes to relationships and being able to sit with myself, I still have some work to do in that department.

At the IFC upfront, the event where many saw scenes from season two for the first time, we got to see you on stage with a guitar, and you seemed really at peace. In one of the new episodes from season two, your character ends up on the couch playing guitar. Is music something that’s going to help you get there?

Yeah. I play guitar alone a lot and I love to do it. It’s the closest I get to meditating, in a way. I try to play every day just because it grounds me and I get my mind off of everything else, so it’s been very helpful.

Who are you listening to right now?

Let me look. Somebody just gave me Black Sabbath’s Sabotage, and I listened to that for the first time in my life. I’ve been listening to some very old Fleetwood Mac. I’m listening to this guy Mark Mulcahy, his album is really good. Roseanne Cash was just here so I listened to her new record. I’ve been listening to Spaceman 3 a lot. I’ve got Mac from Merge Records coming over and he gave me this guy William Tyler, I haven’t listened to that yet. That’s sitting on the platter now. I run through a lot of stuff.

Did you have a chance to enjoy National Record Store Day?

I was in Raleigh, and every day is National Record Store Day for me. I’ve gotten a little out of control here. I’ve got records lining the hallways, I’ve got records everywhere right now. It’s gotten a little out of hand.

I did get some records on National Record Store Day, but I didn’t go to a store to get them. Some guy came to the show in Raleigh and he handed me this old Bo Diddley record, which was nice.

I’m a little bit envious.

I understand that, and I’m sorry, but this seems to be what’s happening right now. I guess it’s one of the weird perks of having some public presence. It’s like working at a radio station after a certain point, people will just fire [stuff] your way in hopes that you’ll dig it and maybe say something about it.

In one of the new episodes this season, your agent tells you that you can pull off “loveable.” Is that typical agent-speak, or can you actually pull off “loveable”?

I think I can be loveable to a certain type of person. I don’t know if it’s a general loveable. I think that when I’m relaxed and open and I’m not angry, I can be endearing at the very least.

What do you think about Letterman retiring?

I think if he’s comfortable with it, I’m OK with it. He’s had a great run, he’s definitely my favorite and he’s had a tremendous impact on my life and I have a lot of respect for him. He deserves a break, and I hope he enjoys his retirement.

I’m also thrilled that Colbert got the gig because he’s an incredibly talented guy, and I think he’ll do a great job.

Podcast number 500 is coming up. Who’s number 500 going to be?

We’re working on it. It’s going to be a surprise to all of us.

Judd Hirsch plays your father on Maron. Any Judd Hirsch stories?

Judd Hirsch is a great guy. He’s very professional. He loves telling stories about Taxi and about life, and he’s a very impressive actor. He’s such a sweet guy and he’s so Judd Hirsch-y, when they say action, he locks in and does the work.

You’ve got some great guest stars this season. I really liked the CM Punk appearance.

He’s a big fan of the show. I tried to lock into wrestling a little bit, but I think I might be a little old for it. I thought he would be fun to have on. He’s a good guy.

I’m very excited about the guest stars, people playing themselves, and people playing roles. We had Bill Burr, Sarah Silverman, Caroline Rhea, Ray Romano, CM Punk, Rob Riggle, and it was nice that there’s that kind of goodwill in the world that these people are willing to make the time. I think everybody had a pretty good time.

Any last thoughts on the new season?

I’m very proud of this season. I think we really stepped up from the first season.

In almost all of these episodes, there’s just no way to know what’s going to happen, which is a great perk of pulling from your private bag of stories. I’m surprised when I watch these shows, and I made them!

Season Two of Maron premieres Thursday, May 8 at 10/9c on IFC (Ch. 564).