Marg Helgenberger has established herself as one of television’s most recognizable faces.  With roles in series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and China Beach, Marg is a mainstay on the small screen, with an Emmy Award among her many acolades.  Her next role is in the upcoming series Intelligence, premiering Tuesday, January 7, on CBS.

What about this show made you want to return to TV?

First off, Michael Seiztman wrote a very smart, entertaining pilot script. After reading it, I met with Michael for a couple of hours, and it was clear just how smart and talented he is. Of course we talked a lot about Lillian Strand, a role that intimidated me a little bit, but in good way.  And here I am, about to start shooting episode 13!

After playing two beloved characters on TV (Catherine Willows on CSI and K.C. Kolowski on China Beach) did you have reservations about joining another show?

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have reservations about starting a new episodic TV show. A new series has a unique set of challenges, the most obvious one being the amount of work hours.  But also, finding the tone and look of a show, sustaining the quality of the writing, and performances take a huge effort on everyone’s part. Having said that, being a part of a new series, is also very creative fun.

Your co-star is the spicy Josh Holloway. Aside from him being so easy on the eyes how is it working with him?

Yes, Josh is very good looking and sexy, but he’s also really goofy, which only adds to his appeal.  Josh is wonderful on the show, and wonderful to work with.

What do you hope people take away from the show?

I hope that our audience is left with wanting more. Intelligence offers smartly woven tales, filled with suspense, action, humor, and heart.

Do you have any guilty TV pleasures you have to watch each week?

These days, perhaps because I’m working so hard, I’m watching a lot of comedies. I discovered the show Key and Peele recently and think that those guys are very talented, and hilarious. I’m enjoying the new sitcom Mom. Both Allison Janney and Anna Faris are fantastic!

Where do you keep your Emmy you won for China Beach?

I keep my Emmy in the family room, sitting on a little stool, next to my dog’s bed. There wasn’t a whole lot of thought that went into that location, but Henry, my dog, makes a good Emmy guard dog 🙂

Intelligence will have a special series premiere on Tuesday, January 7 at 9/8C on CBS. It will premiere in its regular Monday 10/9C time slot on January 13.