Comedy queen Kirstie Alley has been making us laugh out loud since her days on Cheers. In her new, riotously funny show—Kirstie, on TV Land—she plays a cocktail-gripping, Tony Award-winning Broadway diva who, along with her staff (comedy legends Michael Richards and Rhea Perlman), is suddenly faced with her toughest role yet: being a mother to the son she gave up for adoption 26 years ago.

How was it working with your Cheers co-star Rhea Perlman again?

It’s fun! When we were on Cheers we were always kicking around ideas of what we would do after the show. Some of those crazy ideas even made it into the characters in Kirstie.

This is your first time working with Michael Richards! What have you learned from being on the set with him?  

There is only one Michael Richards! You can’t get a “Michael Richards type.” You have to go to the real thing. He is a genius.

This may be a tough question but which episode of Cheers is your personal favorite?

“I on Sports.” Sam brought out this ventriloquist dummy, Little Sam, while he was subbing as a sportscaster and did the funniest rap. I still remember the lyrics—he was jumping back and forth between him and the dummy. Ted always made me laugh.

How did you work with writer Marco Pennette to create the character of Madison Banks?

I’ve always wanted to play a character who’s a little All About Eve, Auntie Mame, who lived in New York and was rich. [Madison] hates kids and I love them. She loves to drink and I hardly ever. I’ve never lived in New York. As an actor it’s fun to play something you’re not.

You did a guest spot on TV Land’s Hot In Cleveland earlier this year. What was it like working with that group of ladies?

I love all those women! Hot In Cleveland is one of the shows I love to watch. I had so much fun that I am going to shoot a Kirstie/Hot In Cleveland crossover with them this week.

What are some of your favorite TV shows on the air right now?

The Voice, Criminal Minds, Scandal and Duck Dynasty.

 Catch all new episodes of Kirstie Wednesdays at 10/9c on TV Land (channel 304).