Love crystal clear, breathtaking HD programming? Who doesn’t? That’s why we’re giving every DIRECTV customer full access to all nine amazing HD-only channels in the DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK for FREE from October 3 to 10. There’s something for everyone in this group of channels—everything from history specials to crime dramas to Hallmark movies.

Check out the full lineup:

The Quick and The Dead on Sony Movie Channel HD (Ch. 568)
The Incredible Bionic Man on Smithsonian Channel HD  (Ch. 570)
Into The Blue on MGM HD (Ch. 567)
Signs on HDNet Movies (Ch. 566)
The Mystery Cruise on Hallmark Movie Channel (Ch. 565)
Dallas Swat on Crime and Investigation (Ch. 571)
Man with the Golden Gun on Universal HD (Ch. 569)
Alex’a House on ShortsHD (Ch. 573)
Pre: Radio 1 Big Weekend 2013 on Palladia HD (Ch. 572)

Want to keep enjoying these channels after the free trial? Get DIRECTV HD EXTRA and make them a part of your channel lineup.