We’re not a flashback show. We’re an old fashioned who-done-it. But we arrived at episode ten, and the question arose – do we finally show exactly what Sam saw? Without a flashback scene, we’re forced to deliver a lot of exposition through our characters. With a flashback scene, the exposition would undoubtedly be more visual, but is it cheating the audience? Ultimately, the writers’ decision to show the flashback boiled down to one point – it’s a fucking awesome scene. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

Episode 10

Open on a flashback. Grace is set to meet with Michael Chen. She leaves Sam in the car, next to the Dragon Brewery sign, while she runs inside. Unbeknownst to her, Chen is ambushed by Charlie and Fleming on his way to the meeting. Fleming shoots the Federal Agent in the head, and drops his body in a van, only to notice after-the-fact that Sam is sitting in a parked vehicle and has just witnessed the entire murder. Fleming approaches the boy and delivers a threat – say anything and I’ll kill your mommy and daddy. Sam takes note of the star on Fleming’s chest.

Back in present time. A nurse walks in on Fleming choking Grace to death in her hospital bed. The disruption gives Grace a chance to get away – she cracks Fleming across the face and makes a run for it. She manages to escape from the hospital.

Grace calls Tom – she’s found the man who killed their son and he’s a cop, his name is Det. Fleming. She tells her husband that the cops are going to come to their house, and he needs to protect Evie.

Campbell meets with Jimmy and informs the man that they’ve lost Grace. Jimmy is furious.

Grace calls Mitch, but there’s no answer. She tries the San Jose PD, but they can’t find him either. She goes to his apartment, but it’s locked and no one answers the door. Finally, out of options, Grace goes to see Wilson. He’s been suspended, and he realizes that turning her in could save his career, but he decides to help her instead. Wilson tells Grace that Max went to jail for assaulting Fleming and he thinks the arrest was staged. It was designed to give Max an alibi when he moved on Jimmy. Grace reveals to Wilson that Fleming killed Sam.

Campbell and Fleming meet – it seems they were in cahoots on the Chen murder. Campbell wants to know how Fleming fucked up the Grace situation so badly – he asks the detective if he’s responsible for Sam’s death. Fleming claims that he tried to tell Campbell that there was an issue with the Chen situation, but it fell on deaf ears – he’s not a monster, he didn’t want to kill the kid.

Alec has taken over the docks and Jimmy shows up. Sean tries to stop him from entering the premises, but Jimmy shoots him in the hand and continues into his office with Lloyd. Jimmy raises the bounty on Grace’s head – he wants her dead. Alec confronts his father, but ultimately lets him leave on his own accord.

Grace and Wilson bust into Mitch’s apartment – the entire place has been wiped clean. All the evidence from the case has been removed. In that moment, Grace realizes that Mitch must be dead. Grace takes Mitch’s gun – she’s going after Fleming.

Jimmy goes to the Chinese for help. He offers a partnership – his shipping routes for their muscle. Grandma Lee agrees.

Grace goes to see Fleming’s grandmother – she’s putting her plan into action.

Jimmy lures Alec away from the office when the hit is underway, saving his son’s life. Alec isn’t aware of what’s going on.

Wilson, worried that Jimmy will go after Grace, sits down with the mobster. He tries to convince Jimmy that he’s after the wrong person. He should be mad at Fleming. Fleming and Max were working together — he’s the one who shot at Jimmy and murdered Tony and Charlie.

Alec returns to find that his crew is missing and the Chinese have taken over the docks. They inform Alec that Jimmy doesn’t want him here. Alec swears that he’ll be back with reinforcements.

Alec tells Cathy about what’s happened. Jimmy wants a war. Cathy is concerned for her husband’s life – she knows what Jimmy is capable of.

Fleming turns up at the docks to speak with Jimmy. He knows where Max hid the money and offers to cut Jimmy in if the mobster helps him lure Grace out of hiding. Fleming comes clean about trying to kill Jimmy and how they stole his money. He explains that it was all Max’s idea. Max convinced Fleming to become a cop – they were going to run Oakland like Jimmy and Campbell did. Unfortunately, Campbell found out about the arrangement and threatened to expose him unless he did his bidding. Campbell used Fleming to take care of Michael Chen when the Federal Agent became aware of Jimmy’s money laundering scheme – Campbell was worried that the trail would lead back to him. Jimmy agrees to help Fleming get to Grace.

Grace gets a call from Wilson – Fleming is at her house. Wilson tries to stop him, but Fleming has him arrested for Aiding and Abetting.

Tom gets a call from Grace – she wants to know if they’re safe. The cops are tracing her cell location. Grace tells Tom that she’s going to “Grandma Esther’s” to say goodbye. The cops track Grace’s position and head out to pick her up. Evie asks her father who Grandma Esther is – he doesn’t know.

Fleming rushes out of the house – he calls his grandma (Esther) to make sure she’s okay. There’s no answer. Grace must have gotten to her.

The cops show up at the location that they’ve tracked Grace’s cell phone to, but it’s an empty warehouse. They’ve been duped.

Fleming turns up at his grandmother’s house, to find her alive and well. She mentions that a black woman came around asking about Max – she went over to the old Laszlo house.

Gun drawn, Fleming goes to investigate, but Grace gets the drop on him – the whole thing was a setup. Fleming gives up his weapon. Grace puts the detective on his knees and ties him up, but Jimmy turns up behind her. Fleming didn’t come alone. Grace is now forced to lower her weapon as Jimmy has her dead to rights. A tense moment as Jimmy decides what to do, but ultimately he can’t kill her. Fleming is stunned – he’s fucked. Grace asks Fleming about Sam. She needs to hear him say it. Fleming admits to the killing her son. Grace shoots him and watches as he bleeds out. Dead. Jimmy asks Grace if it was worth it. But she can’t answer. He leaves her to wallow in her misery.

Grace sneaks into her house, which is being watched by the police. She tells Tom that she got him – it’s over. Grace visits with Evie – her daughter asks what happens next, but Grace doesn’t have an answer.

The next morning, Grace turns herself into the police.

Jimmy and Campbell meet. Jimmy wants to know why Campbell betrayed him after all of their years together. Campbell says it was because Jimmy tried to cut him out, tried to buy a bank without him. Campbell wants Jimmy gone, out of Oakland. In return, Alec gets to run the docks, and Campbell won’t take him down for the murder of Hector and Lee. Jimmy agrees, only if Alec never knows about their arrangement – he wants his son to think that he got there on his own.

Alec shows up at the docks with his new crew, but the place has been abandoned. He believes he must have scared off the Chinese.

Campbell sits down with Grace – he says that the Oakland PD owes her a debt of gratitude for bringing down Fleming, a lone rogue cop. Campbell wants her on his team. Grace doesn’t quite understand, but agrees to his offer. She’s in.