After three years of traveling the continent, Discovery brings you North America like you’ve never seen it before, from the sub-zero Canadian tundra to the tropical rainforests of Panama, in a seven-part natural history series. “For this series it made sense to explore the continent many of us call ‘home’,” said Eileen O’Neill, Group President of Discovery and TLC Networks. “I’m excited to include North America in the ranks of Discovery’s epic natural history programming.”

Tune in to see North America discover a hidden world where life — ranging from the familiar to the exotic — battles deep freezes, deadly fires and explosive super storms. Discovery’s determined production crew journeyed the span of North America including the frigid Yukon Territory, the lush forests of Belize, the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, the barren deserts of the American Southwest and more. After 2,830 days on location on 250 separate expeditions the more than 850 hours of footage has been put together for this landmark series.

North America’s first five episodes reveal intimate stories of animals struggling to survive unforgiving weather and terrain. Never-before-seen sequences range from the elusive desert jaguar in Mexico to daring grizzly bears diving in more than 20 feet of water to grab salmon in Alaska. The series “Making Of” episode chronicles North America’s production team and the challenges they faced including battling the destructive Hurricane Irene and other natural disasters all while attempting to capture the most majestic animals in the continent.

North America, the new seven-part natural history series from Discovery Channel debuts on May 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.