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The big question faced by the writer’s room in Episode 106 is how to reveal “Bad Max.” At this point, we have seen only one side: Max is Jimmy’s favorite son – he’s smart, levelheaded, and the complete opposite of his brother Alec. But seeds had been planted, such as Max’s brief stint in jail and his violent outburst at the hawala bank, but nothing signaling the depth of his involvement. There’s a very important moment for Max’s character hidden halfway through the episode. While losing a fight to Alec, Max smiles back at his brother, seemingly enjoying the pain. In that moment, Alec realizes there’s something deeper and darker about his brother. The ending sequence, when Grace sits down with Max, is about getting all the cards out on the table. Grace knows that Max has been moving against Jimmy. And Max knows that Grace is onto him. Bad Max is finally on the loose.

Episode 106

Post-coital, Grace and Jimmy lie in bed awkwardly. It takes time, but Jimmy finally opens up to her. He recounts a story about Alec and Max as children. Grace talks about Sam and how sweet he was. She doesn’t understand how someone with such a gentle soul came from her.

Tom and Shelley fight their own morning-after awkwardness. Shelley offers him some breakfast tea, but Tom has to go. His mom is dropping Evie off soon, and he needs to be at the house.

Grace is showering. Jimmy asks her why she called him. Grace says it’s because she knew he would come. Jimmy wants to know why she didn’t contact her handler, and Grace finally comes clean: She doesn’t have a handler anymore, she’s not a cop, they took her badge away. Jimmy wants to know how she’s been getting results and who ran reports on Charlie’s money and the phones. Grace cites her “inside source”. Jimmy’s impressed and aroused. He jumps into the shower with her and they start having sex.

Fleming and Wilson show up at the docks, investigating an accident involving Jackie Hays (Grace). They question Max. He’s concerned for her well-being, but doesn’t seem to know anything.

Grace calls Mitch and tells him that someone took a shot at her last night. He asks her if she thinks it had anything to do with Jimmy’s mole, but Grace assures him that Jimmy’s not behind this. Grace believes the attempt on her life has something to do with Michael Chen – maybe Mitch raised a flag when he pulled the file. Someone’s been watching them. Grace implores Mitch to be careful.

Grace asks Jimmy about his source inside the Police Department, but Jimmy hasn’t been able to trust his mole for a while. Jimmy lets it slip about his stolen money. Grace again tells Jimmy that in order for this relationship to work, they need to trust each other.

Alec gets ready for work as his daughter Ruby rushes into the room, eager to see her Daddy. Cathy is concerned. Alec just personally beheaded two men, maybe it’s best not to bother him right now. She pulls Ruby away, telling her daughter that Daddy has a big day – he’s taking over Charlie’s business. Alec still can’t bring himself to tell his wife that Jimmy gave the job to Max.

Jimmy’s had a man watching Grace’s house all night – apparently Tom didn’t come home until 6:30 that morning. Jimmy knocks on the door. He pretends to be a concerned neighbor living down the street, eager to start a neighborhood watch program. He says his car was broken into recently, and wants to be sure their kids are protected. Tom invites him in for coffee. Jimmy spots the pictures of the Travis family. Evie comes downstairs, ready for school. Jimmy tells her that she has her mother’s eyes. Tom agrees to help with the neighborhood watch.

Grace calls Tom. She needs him and Evie to stay someplace else for a few days. The house might not be safe. Grace is just trying to be cautious, but Tom is furious that Grace has brought her crap to their doorstep.

Lloyd and Sean block the dockworker from the previous episode from using a rival business’s containers. They shove him inside the metal crate, and tell him to call his boss and renegotiate the deal with Alec.

Alec finds Max sitting at Jimmy’s desk. Max is checking last year’s tax returns. Charlie’s business is showing too much income. Alec tells him to get out of dad’s chair. Max complies, but gives Alec a little shot, to rile him up. Alec responds by cracking Max in the nose with a head butt. A fight ensues. The crew breaks them up, but not before Max’s face is bruised and bloodied.

Grace is at the San Jose PD with a police psychologist. She’s sharp and completely at ease. She says she’s grateful that she was caught, probably saved her life. Grace admits that she has a little bit of an adrenalin junkie in her, but no more than the average Undercover Cop. After Sam’s death, it was easier to focus on the rush rather than the loss. She’s thankful for Tom and Evie who have gotten her through this difficult time. The psychologist seems to be buying her bullshit.

Grace goes to see Mitch. She tells him that Hernandez isn’t the mole. They’re looking for a man. Mitch shows her evidence from the Michael Chen case. The bullet that he used to kill himself was homemade, just like the bullets they found in Sam and Tony Aldon. He must have been murdered. Mitch also found a partial marking on the shell casing – they may be able to source its location.

Jimmy sees what Alec did to Max. He’s furious. Max can tell that his father is distracted and asks him about it. Jimmy tells Max that it appears Charlie had been taking money from a fed, Michael Chen. Jimmy doesn’t know if he was in it with Tony or not and asks Max to follow up.

Wilson is still trying to track down Grace. He goes to Mitch for information on her whereabouts. Wilson knows about their history – Mitch trained Grace. He figures she must be getting her intel from him. Wilson voices his concern, saying he just wants to keep Grace safe. But Mitch is suspicious about the detective’s real motives.

Grace stops by the docks. Max tells her that the cops came by looking for her. They heard about the car accident and that shots were fired at her. Max wants to know who tried to kill her. Grace honestly doesn’t know. She asks Max about his own injuries. Max confides in her. He’s worried about Alec. Max asks Grace out for a drink later. It looks like they could both use one.

Grace meets up with Jimmy and tells him about Michael Chen. The bullet used in his apparent suicide was also homemade, but the casing had a stamp on it. They’ve traced it to a shooting range outside Livermore.

Grace and Jimmy take a drive out to the shooting range, but it’s been closed for a while. A security guard pulls a gun on them, tells the pair to get back into their car and leave, but Grace needs answers. Jimmy offers the guard money for her cooperation. She complies. Tells them about a “skinny guy” who comes by to collect the shell casings every now and then. He lives up in the hills, a survivalist type.

Jimmy and Grace venture into a remote wooded area. They find a man, Skinny, making bullets on a Dillon press. They get the jump on him. Grace takes his wallet. No driver’s license, but an NRA card with his name, Jonah Mann. They question him about who he sells his bullets to. Jonah is very uncooperative, so Jimmy beats the crap out of him. Finally, the man confirms that he sold his bullets to Charlie. While Jimmy continues his interrogation, Grace notices wrappers from the fast food restaurant, Fat Lucy’s. She remembers Max mentioning a friend who used to drive 40 miles to get their hamburgers. Skinny and Max must know each other.

Grace drops Jimmy off at the docks. She calls Mitch, asks him to run the name “Jonah Mann” and see if he was ever in Santa Rita Jail.

Tom takes Evie over to Shelley’s place, so they’ll be safe. Evie is unhappy with the situation and doesn’t understand why they had to leave their house.

Grace and Mitch head to San Rita Jail. Max and Skinny were in prison at the same time. They check the visitor’s logs and discover that Tony Aldon visited Max three days before Michael Chen turned up dead, then again a day before Tony himself was killed. All roads lead to Max.

The security guard who scanned Grace’s ID, sends her picture to Max with a warning that she’s been looking into him. Grace meets Max for a drink. He wants to know why someone would want her dead. What secrets is she hiding? Mitch calls Grace, he’s been tracking Max’s phone and he just received a picture of Grace’s ID. Grace tries to escape into the alleyway, but Max heads her off. Grace makes a run for it.

End Episode 106.