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Episode 104 delivers on the premise of the show – Jimmy and Grace teaming up to find his traitor and her son’s killer. The writers agreed that it was very important to create a visceral connection between these two camps, with the focus falling on Charlie. Grace discovers that one of Charlie’s co-conspirators was outside Sam’s school the day he was shot. This spurs her to dig deeper into the man’s life, where she finds a clear financial motivation for Charlie’s treachery – his wife’s health problems and rising medical costs. All episode long it feels as though Grace is closing in on her target, only to have hope stripped away when Charlie turns up dead.

Also, in case you missed it, Hector and Lee’s headless bodies are propped against a vacation advertisement that reads, “Heaven is just a phone call away!” Perhaps foreshadowing Charlie’s own cell phone related demise at the end of the episode?

Episode 104

Grace is waiting at a desolate Oakland marshland. Jimmy approaches, angry. She readies herself. Grace didn’t know about the raid on Jimmy’s compound – it wasn’t a setup. Jimmy doesn’t care, he wants his phones back. But Grace has already run them. A member of Jimmy’s crew has been receiving empty texts from untraceable numbers, that signal the recipient to come to this specific location of marshland. It’s clear that these meetings were meant to be a secret, as no one is around for miles. Jimmy wants to know who has been receiving the texts. Grace tells him it’s Charlie, but implores Jimmy to keep a level head. Charlie is just a foot solider and they want to smoke out the mastermind behind the whole plot.

The police find the headless bodies of Lee and Hector propped against a bus stop shelter. Wilson identifies the boys. Hernandez thinks this might be retaliation from Clay Street, but Wilson knows better – this was a peace offering from Laszlo’s crew.

Alec feels a sense of pride, having successfully resolved the conflict with Clay Street. Jimmy is worried that the rest of Alec’s men will lose trust in him if they continue to pay for the boy’s mistakes. Once again, Alec has let his father down. Max catches his brother on his way out of the office, offering his praise. Alec violently shrugs his brother off.

Wilson goes to Grace to confirm his suspicions about the dead bodies. Grace tells him that the debt has been settled between Jimmy and the Lee Brothers. She questions him about Hernandez’s next move on Jimmy. Wilson says that she’s pulling back.

Grace takes Charlie’s new cell phone number to Mitch. She wants him to track Charlie’s location and keep an eye out for empty texts. Mitch isn’t sure that he can keep working his contact, but Grace presses him further until he agrees. She also wants all the locations of the phones that sent Charlie empty texts. Mitch is already on it. Grace informs him that Hernandez is taking her foot off the gas with Jimmy’s investigation – it’s beginning to seem more likely that the Lieutenant is working as Jimmy’s mole.

Deputy Chief Campbell awards Fleming the Medal of Valor for his heroism during the Bamboo Pearl firebombing.

Campbell is upset that Hernandez has decided to drop the firebombing investigation against Jimmy. He wants her to up the pressure and finish Laszlo off while his empire is in turmoil.

Jimmy takes Charlie for a ride – they’re going to get lunch. Jimmy drives right through the marshlands where Charlie has been going after he receives empty texts – he’s trying to make Charlie sweat – looking for any indication of guilt. Jimmy turns off the road. Charlie waits, concerned, but doesn’t give anything away. Jimmy gets out and walks to the back of the car. There is a tense moment before Charlie realizes that Jimmy is just taking a piss.

Grace meets Jimmy at his offices. She’s furious that he took Charlie past the marshlands. They were supposed to rattle Charlie, not freak him out. If he thinks that they’re onto him, he’ll take off. Grace tells Jimmy that they need to try it her way now. He agrees.

Later that night, Jimmy tells Max about the missing twenty-five million and his plan to buy a bank. He had been skimming off the crew’s profits and wanted to go legitimate – but now the money is gone and Jimmy has no idea where it is. Jimmy suspects that someone in the crew has been moving against him. Max questions his father about Grace, but Jimmy vouches for her. Max offers to take a look at the paper trail and see what he can find.

Grace sits down with Max at a fancy restaurant at his invitation. He wants to get to know her. He asks about her family – dad’s dead, mom’s an alcoholic. Max talks about his own mother, who died a few years back of cancer. He’s worried that Grace is after his father’s money. She says that there are easier ways for a girl like her to get a guy’s cash than standing out on a dock all day. Grace asks Max what he recommends. He’s never been to this restaurant before, but there’s a good burger joint around. Max has a friend who drives forty miles for their cheeseburger. Grace gets a phone call, she has to go.

Grace turns up at Evie’s school. Her daughter has been involved in a fight. Grace wants to know who hit her, but it’s the other way around. Evie hit her teacher Miss Shelley Morrison. Evie was upset earlier and Shelley tried to comfort her. Evie has been suspended from school until further notice.

At home, Tom tells Grace that Evie got her first period today. Grace goes upstairs to comfort her daughter, and finds her lying in Sam’s old bed. It is difficult, but Grace enters the room and lies down next to Evie. Hanging on the wall, Grace notices hand drawn pictures by Sam of a dragon’s head with a star on its neck.

Grace heads to a bar looking for Charlie. The two have a drink together. Grace gets Charlie to open up by leading with a personal story of her own. She claims it’s the anniversary of her son’s death, and watches Charlie for his reaction. Charlie is sympathetic. Grace asks Charlie if he has any kids. He doesn’t. Charlie talks about his wife Nancy’s MS and how bad it’s getting. He reveals that they lost their insurance and the cost of her treatment is taking its toll.

Grace waits for Jimmy at her cover apartment. He enters and wants to know what was so urgent. Grace knows why Charlie turned against Jimmy, he’s drowning in debt from Nancy’s disease. Jimmy is shocked that Charlie didn’t come to him and ask for help. Grace thinks that they can smoke Charlie out by using his wife.

Grace gets a call from Mitch. One of the phones that sent Charlie an empty text was outside of the school the day Sam was shot. Grace is stunned.

Grace rushes to Jimmy’s office. She finds him in the middle of business with Lloyd and Joe, but pulls him out of his meeting. She’s found a link.

Grace and Jimmy drive to Charlie’s house. They wait outside for him to leave – he always heads to the bar Saturday morning to watch the game. Finally, Charlie gets into his car and pulls out of the driveway. Jimmy and Grace enter the house. Nancy greets them graciously. Jimmy hasn’t been over to visit since before his wife died. Grace notices that Nancy has a lot of expensive hospital equipment. She presses the woman about how they’ve managed to pay for everything. Nancy thanks Jimmy for all his help over the years. Apparently, Charlie has told Nancy that Jimmy is paying for everything. Just then, Charlie appears, holding milk – he didn’t go to the bar after all. Grace flings herself at the man, screaming, demanding to know who gave him the money. Jimmy pulls her off and puts her in the car to calm down. He goes back in to talk to Charlie. The man is very upset, he can barely speak. Jimmy wants the truth. He promises to take care of Nancy, but Charlie is silent.

Meanwhile, Max is going through the documents that Jimmy gave to him, trying to track down the missing money. Inside he finds handwritten receipts clipped together. The letter T is followed by several Chinese figures followed by an A. Then a row of numbers. It looks very peculiar.

At Grace’s cover apartment, Grace and Jimmy wait for Charlie to receive an empty text. Finally, Mitch calls. Charlie has broken the pattern. He has sent an empty text. He must want a meeting.

Grace and Jimmy head to the marshland. They wait for Charlie to show up, but no one comes. Grace calls Mitch and tells him to send another empty text from Charlie’s number. He does it. A while later, a car with tinted windows approaches the marshland road. It slows down briefly before picking up speed and driving past. Grace is frustrated. Why hasn’t anyone shown up? Suddenly, Jimmy and Grace are both hit with a horrific thought.

The pair rushes back to Charlie’s house. Nancy informs them that Charlie is in his den, out back. Inside they find Charlie sitting on the couch, a gun in his hand, and his brains blown out. Grace’s only lead to her son’s killer is now dead.

End Episode 104.