Edie Falco took some time out to chat about the new season of Nurse Jackie premiering Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m on SHOWTIME, channel 545.

Can you talk about what’s new for Jackie this season?
EDIE FALCO: She’s dealing with life without crutches, and that’s where we find her this year. It’s a mixed bag. Lots of good stuff, lots of bad stuff, but all of it kind of new.

And I guess we should say that you’ve been sober for almost a year?
EF: Right, that’s right. Jackie has been sober almost a year, and with each week that passes you learn a little bit more about how to function as a person who doesn’t immediately jump to a substance to kind of squash your feelings…So, you know, you get better and you get stronger.

Jackie spent five seasons with secrets, now she’s experiencing the consequences of this, and yet is it fair to say there are glimmers of hope?
EF: I think Jackie’s life is starting to kind of open up a little bit. You know, gently, as you kind of put stuff, as you kind of move away from acting on addictive behavior. I think her life is kind of blossoming a little bit. Yeah, for sure, I feel that it’s a hopeful chapter in her life.

It’s great to see her smile.
EF: We do get to see Jackie sort of happy, or certainly her version of it. We didn’t get to see that quite as much before, and you do see it occasionally here. I think it’s a good thing, I think it’s a good thing to see, and a new thing.

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