Photo credit: IFC

Ryan Quincy, an animator and producer of South Park, brings us Out There, a new original animated series on IFC. Out There is set in the cookie-cutter Midwest town of Holford, where two friends struggle to survive the awkwardness of growing up.

Chad (Ryan Quincy) is the creator’s alter ego. He’s the nerdy wallflower who’s usually invisible to everyone around. Chris (Justin Roiland), on the other hand, is the troublemaker. He’s so bored with the small town life that he’s constantly looking for an adventure.

The show is a mishmash of everyone we remember from growing up — bullies, annoying younger siblings, popular girls, funny guys, and weirdos whose lives were a total mystery. Adventures of puberty, first loves, social exclusion, parents who don’t understand, disastrous relationships — Out There has it all. You’ll be able to relate and laugh, but happy that your high school days are over.

The amazing cast includes Megan Mullally, Fred Armisen, Linda Cardellini, and Justin Roiland. With guest voices by Selma Blair, Christian Slater, Ellen Page, Sarah Silverman, and Jason Schwartzman. Don’t miss the series premiere and back to back episodes on Friday, February 22, at 10:30 p.m. on IFC (Ch. 559).