Why do good things have to end? That’s one big question you’ll probably be asking yourself as the inimitable 30 Rock comes to an end this Thursday, January 31. The show entered NBC’s lineup in 2006 and hasn’t stopped tickling audiences since with its surreal satire of the television business. You won’t want to miss what Tina Fey and the rest of the 30 Rock team have in store for its grand one-hour finale.

Photo credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC

To catch you up on what’s happened so far this season: Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), the stubborn executive, has been looking for a replacement to head NBC and finally appoints Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) as the new president. The unlucky-in-love Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) at long last tied the knot with dorky boyfriend Criss Chros (James Marsden) and they have adopted twins, mini-me versions of Tracy (Tracy Morgan) and Jenna (Jane Krakowski). With the staff quitting, the future of TGS appears gloomy.

Whatever happens in the final episode, it’ll probably be one for the books. And 30 Rock will no doubt cement its place among the classics of American TV comedies.

Grab your tissues. Tears of laughter and sadness are bound to fall. Don’t miss a single minute of 30 Rock‘s grand one-hour finale, with guest appearances by Ice-T, Nancy Pelosi, and Salma Hayek, on Thursday, January 31, at 8 p.m. on NBC (Ch. 392).


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