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Are you ready for the Lance Armstrong confession? In partnership with OWN, DIRECTV is bringing you a special online presentation of Oprah’s Next Chapter, featuring Oprah’s highly anticipated, no-holds-barred interview with Lance Armstrong. Stream it here live Thursday, January 17, at 9/8c and Friday, January 18, at 9/8c.

Watch as we finally get answers to the Lance Armstrong doping allegations from the cyclist himself in this candid interview with Oprah. In his first interview since the seven-time Tour de France winner was stripped of his titles, Armstrong sits down with Oprah to address, and reportedly admit to, the alleged doping scandal, accusations of cheating, and charges of lying about the use of performance-enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career. Tune in to find out the answer to the question we’re all waiting to hear: Did Lance Armstrong dope?

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