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In a flashback to five years ago, we see a man’s hand grab a dress shirt, tie, and suit jacket from a hanger. Then we see hands button the shirt, knot the tie and tuck in the shirt. Finally, the man reaches into a drawer and pulls out a garrote, wrapping it around his fists and pulling it tight. As his face comes into frame we realize it’s Ellen’s assailant, Patrick Scully, putting on the clothes he wears when he attacks her.

In Patty’s building, Uncle Pete lets Scully off the elevator. Scully enters Patty’s apartment, throws down some dog treats to quiet Corey and then locks the dog on the patio. Corey barks, waking Ellen, who tears down the stairs past Scully. She runs to the kitchen, grabs a knife, and struggles with Scully. The attack plays out as we’ve seen before, with Ellen and Scully falling over the couch and Scully winding up with the knife in his abdomen. Ellen bolts from Patty’s apartment.

For the first time in the series, we see what happens to Scully after Ellen flees. He gasps for air and tries to remove the knife from his chest, but it’s too painful. So he calls Uncle Pete for help. Uncle Pete gets Scully to a safe location and arranges for medical help. Then Uncle Pete pays Scully and says, “It’s a lot tougher than killing a dog, right?” in a reference to Katie Connor’s dog in the pilot.

In the present, Ellen meets with her trauma counselor from Season 2. Ellen tells her that Patty confessed to, and recently denied, ordering the hit on her. Now, Ellen wants to track down Scully to find out the truth. The counselor suggests Ellen may have kept Patty in her life all this time because her quest for the truth gave her purpose. Ellen says if she finds out Patty truly did order the attack, then Ellen wants her to pay.

Meanwhile, Patty meets with her friend Roger Kastle and a Washington insider who flew to New York to talk to Patty about the Supreme Court appointment. The insider points out that if Patty were nominated her life would be investigated and scrutinized. Patty flashes back to Ellen’s attack and Patty’s subsequent admission and denial of responsibility. She’s noncommittal and the insider asks her to think about it.

In the carriage house, Rutger finally admits to McClaren that he knows who Torben is: a large donor to McClaren Truth. Rutger explains that McClaren truth was strapped for cash before the Naomi Walling leak came through and he didn’t know Torben was linked to Princefield when he accepted the funds. McClaren, frustrated, wants to out Torben as an insider trader, but Rutger convinces him to wait until the Naomi’s wrongful death case is behind them.

Back in her office, Patty chides Bill Herndon and her associates for not being able to identify any of McClaren’s financial backers. Herndon clears the room, then tells Patty she doesn’t even have a solid case. Herndon tells Patty he believes McClaren’s innocent and that she’s risking her reputation by going after him.

In a limo on a deserted street, Rutger blasts Helmut Torben for lying to him about being involved with Princefield. Torben says Rutger will still get everything he was promised as long as he can prevent McClaren from telling Ellen about Torben’s involvement.

Ellen flips through photos in the red folder Stefania McKee gave her after Uncle Pete died. There are photos of Patty and Uncle Pete when Patty was a child, Ellen and Katie Connor, Perry the Doorman, and Uncle Pete with his arm around Scully. Ellen remembers Stefania saying everything Uncle Pete did was for Patty. Unsettled by the memory, Ellen runs up the roof of her office building to get some air.

Ellen visits Stefania McKee to ask her if she knows the name of the man in the photo with Uncle Pete. Stefania says she doesn’t know who the man is, but tells Ellen that Uncle Pete used to argue with Patty, saying she trusted Ellen too much. After Ellen leaves, Stefania calls Scully to warn him that Ellen was asking about him. Scully tells his wife he needs to head to New York.

Back at Ellen’s office, Michael Hewes arrives to meet with Kate. Kate explains that Michael’s grandfather Lyle Hewes is her client and he would like to meet Michael to discuss including him in his will.

McClaren and Gitta tell Ellen about Helmut Torben. Their argument is that since he’s guilty of providing insider stock tips to Princefield he would have a motive to kill Naomi. If Torben leaked her personal information online, it would exonerate McClaren. But Ellen urges caution, saying that targeting Torben now could cause him to stir up trouble. Infuriated, Gitta calls Ellen a cynic and urges McClaren to clear his name by outing Torben. Since Patty’s case is weak anyway, Ellen says they should keep the Torben information in their back pocket in case they need it. McClaren agrees with Ellen for the moment.

That night, Chris Sanchez meets with Rutger to tell him about the PTSD-antidepressant scandal in the military. Rutger gives Chris the codes to upload medical files, emails and Web chats between military doctors and patients. Later, Ellen tells Chris he doesn’t have to go through with it. Since he broke the law to obtain the information, he’ll be at risk when it goes public.

Lyle Hewes takes his grandson Michael on a road trip to discuss Lyle’s will. Patty told Michael that Lyle died years ago, a fact Lyle points to as evidence that Patty is untrustworthy. They arrive at a small house in the country, the house where Patty grew up. Lyle claims he was hard on Patty, a weak and scared child, while she was growing up, which helped turn her into the woman she is today. Years later, Patty and her mother sued Lyle while Kate Franklin defended him. Patty wound up in control of Lyle’s land. Now Lyle urges Michael to trade custody of Catherine for the land.

Ellen asks Detectives Williams and Ortiz to analyze the blood on Hollis Nye’s business card, which she had when she was attacked. Ellen suspects her assailant’s blood may be on it. The results come back with the name Patrick Scully. His record indicates he’s a career criminal, but guilty mostly of theft. He’s never been implicated in a murder. According to the detectives, Scully left town years ago and has been clean ever since.

Chris uploads the information he obtained about antidepressants in battle zones to McClarenTruth. McClaren’s team springs into action, scrubbing the data of names, faces and any identifying information. McClaren personally oversees the leak and posts it himself, to unanimous praise in the press.

Patty confronts Kate Franklin, blasting her for introducing Michael to Lyle. Kate says she’s sorry that Lyle abandoned Patty and her mother, but that Michael should be allowed his inheritance.

Ellen gives Patty a list of McClarenTruth.org’s financial supporters. When Patty points out Helmut Torben isn’t on the list, Ellen says he isn’t a donor. Patty says she’s basing her request for damages on Torben’s assets and threatens to have Ellen tossed in jail if she doesn’t provide the information. Later, Herndon asks how Patty knew about Torben and we see Patty meeting with Gitta, who gave her the information. Patty confirms with Gitta that Rutger runs the business end of McClarenTruth.org, and that if any mistake was made it was Rutger’s, not McClaren’s.

Lyle Hewes is back in the nursing home, where he tells Kate Franklin to make sure Patty signs the document allowing him to leave his estate to Michael. Then Lyle loses consciousness and Kate alerts the medical personnel. When they ask who she is, Kate answers that she’s Lyle’s daughter—Patty is also Lyle’s daughter.

In her apartment, Patty drinks bourbon and thinks about the attack on Ellen and her subsequent confession to Ellen. Then, snapping to, Patty calls Roger and tells him she wants the Supreme Court nomination.

Two weeks later, Ellen lies motionless in a Manhattan alley. Her vacant eyes stare at the sky while blood trails from the back of her head. On the roof above, the man we’ve seen before is there staring down at her. This time we can see his face. It’s Scully. Later, in a dog park, Scully approaches someone—it’s Patty.

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