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Another day, another dream. Ellen, dressed in regular clothes, arrives at Patty’s apartment, where Patty offers her a bourbon. Ellen declines, then Patty says, “You told me you wanted to take a bath.” Ellen doesn’t remember calling Patty with that request, but Patty insists she did. As Ellen climbs the stairs we see she’s now in the same bloody sleepwear and green overcoat she wore the day she was attacked. Upstairs in the bathroom, Ellen hears a man’s voice saying, “Come in with me.” She turns to see her late fiancé David Connor in the tub. Ellen says she can’t; she’s a bloody mess. David says she looks beautiful and when Ellen looks in the mirror she sees he’s right. No blood, no mess – she looks perfect. “Now come in with me,” David says. Ellen turns to David, but now she’s horrified to find him dead, his body bloody and contorted the way it was when she found him murdered in their apartment in Season 1. Ellen jolts awake at her desk.

At Hewes & Assoc., Bill Herndon tells Patty he’s located Thomas Weld, the man who was staying in the hotel room next to the one where McClaren and Naomi Walling had their final meeting. Patty ambushes Weld in a coffee shop and convinces him to tell her about that night in the Montclair Hotel.

Meanwhile, Kate Franklin hasn’t been able to find Weld. But Judge Gearheart granted Ellen access to Naomi Walling’s apartment, so she and Kate head there to investigate. In Noami’s bathroom, Ellen has a vision of David Connor, dead and bloody in the tub. She stumbles across the room and vomits into the toilet. Kate rushes in and takes Ellen from the room.

McClaren wants to make a settlement offer of $3 million. Ellen advises against it, explaining that Patty doesn’t settle. “She wants to decimate you. Put you out of business. Forever.,” Ellen says.

Patty interviews Thomas Weld, asking if he heard anything the night McClaren and Naomi Walling met in the hotel room next to his. Patty’s disappointed when Weld says he didn’t hear a peep.

After Naomi’s former boss, Bruce Davies, chastises Rachel in a bar, Rachel tells Patty she’s tired of the negative publicity and pressure the lawsuit brings her way. She’s considering dropping the case. Patty urges her to keep going. When Rachel tells Patty that Channing McClaren called and wants to meet, Patty forbids Rachel from meeting with him, but she doesn’t take her advice.

McClaren meets with Rachel Walling and tells her what really happened in the hotel room with her mother: Naomi agreed to send him the Princefield files. They had an awkward physical encounter where she began touching and kissing McClaren but then changed her mind. McClaren didn’t stop right away so Naomi had to knee him in the groin to make him. But McClaren didn’t threaten Naomi the way Rachel described it in her deposition. He doesn’t ask Rachel to forgive him, but he says the case isn’t good for either one of them and suggests a way out.

On the street, Kate tells Ellen that the old lawsuit she argued against Patty isn’t finished and Kate has been in contact with Patty. As Kate apologizes for not mentioning this earlier, Ellen’s eyes catch a glimpse of a man crossing the street. It’s the assassin who tried to kill her in Season 1. Before Ellen can be sure it’s him he descends into the subway.

Shaken by the sight of her attacker, Ellen revisits her trauma counselor. She tells the counselor that she was attacked the same night her fiancé David was murdered and that she’s had dreams and visions of the man recently. The counselor suggests Ellen’s case may be adding too much stress to her life and suggests dropping it. Ellen says she can’t.

After her meeting with McClaren, Rachel Walling tells Patty she wants to accept his offer of $3 million to settle the case. Patty advises against it, but Rachel’s determined.

Kate Franklin finally located Thomas Weld. The manager of the hotel where McClaren met Naomi Walling alerts Kate when Weld—using the name Thomas Schultz—checks in again. The next day, Ellen takes Weld’s statement. He tells her the same thing he told Patty: that he didn’t hear McClaren and Naomi argue when they were in the room next to his. Ellen asks Weld why he periodically stays in the hotel and he admits to an affair he’s having. Ellen promises to keep it secret. At the end of her meeting with Weld, Ellen learns Rachel Walling has accepted McClaren’s offer to drop the case—an offer he never told Ellen about.

Ellen tells McClaren and his team that settling is a bad idea, but they ignore her. Later, she tells Chris that a settlement won’t allow her to make a name for herself, launch her firm or prove herself against Patty.

The next day, Patty deposes Weld again. This time, Ellen sits in. When Weld again denies hearing anything in the room next door Patty confronts him with a record of a call he made to the front desk, in which he complained about a raucous fight in the next room. Weld admits he heard McClaren berating and threatening Naomi.

After Patty shows the tape to Rachel and she realizes the torment her mother endured, she decides to reject McClaren’s settlement offer and proceed with the lawsuit.

In a hotel room after the deposition, Weld asks Ellen why she forced him to lie in the deposition with Patty. Ellen doesn’t answer, but later that night when she visits Patty at Hewes & Associates it’s clear the women colluded so they could face each other in court.

But their teamwork is short-lived. In a quick flash to two months in the future, we get a glimpse of the courtroom being called to order on the trial’s first day.

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