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This time Ellen’s the one dreaming about her attack. As we saw in Season 1, she struggles with her attacker in Patty’s apartment and they both fall over the sofa. Ellen stands up to see the butcher knife she grabbed for protection is now sticking out of his chest. She runs from Patty’s apartment onto the street. When she turns a corner, she sees a limousine—and Patty emerging from it, shooting Ellen a sinister smile. Ellen wakes up in her office.

Patty arrives in Ellen’s office for a meeting. After Patty fishes for a minute, Ellen says she bought the Princefield information from the hacker—which isn’t true—and Patty doesn’t let on that she actually does have it. It’s a standoff.

Ellen suspects Patty has the information, but without proof she can’t ask the judge to force Patty to share it, as is required during discovery. While Ellen and McClaren’s team work to track down the hacker Samurai Seven, Patty learns that Princefield’s CEO has been cooperating with the SEC’s investigation, which the SEC official neglected to mention when Patty asked for access to Princefield’s servers. The SEC official acknowledges he has recordings of Naomi Walling’s communications. Patty threatens him to find any records of Naomi’s communications with Channing McClaren or Patty will issue a press release indication the SEC knew about the insider trading but failed to act on it.

Ellen meets with Beth Kim, Samurai Seven’s girlfriend, who confirms that Patty bought the Princefield information. She then requests the information from Patty, who denies that she has it. Ellen schedules a meeting with Judge Gearheart, where Beth Kim provides evidence that Patty bought the information. Patty hands over the information.

But Ellen’s mind is still in Patty’s trap. Another dream. Same as before—but this time when Patty steps out of her limo Ellen ducks a doorway and emerges back in Patty’s apartment. (Hey, dreams aren’t logical.) Ellen sees the assassin still lying on the floor, the knife sticking out of his chest. He looks dead…until Ellen sees his hand reach for the knife. He sits up as he pulls the knife from his chest and locks eyes with Ellen. Ellen bolts awake in her office.

Fans of the show know there’s symmetry to Patty and Ellen’s relationships with their fathers. Both men were bullies whose daughters far outshone them. At the end of this episode Patty visits the old man in the nursing home. We saw him earlier this season when Kate Franklin, the man’s lawyer, told him Patty had no interest in discussing their decades-old lawsuit. As soon as he tells Patty, “You look so much like your mother,” we know who he is. The old man offers to put Patty in his will. She declines and tells him never to contact her again.

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