In Season 5, we see a very different Patty Hewes. Under her hard shell exterior, we find traces of human weaknesses we never noticed before. Is Patty losing her edge? Josh asks Glenn Close what she thinks about her character’s transformation.

JOSH PAYNE: How do you think Patty has changed since Season 1?

GLENN CLOSE: I think Patty’s changed dramatically. I think she may have more nuance now than she did at the beginning. She may have been more easily categorized in the beginning than she is now. I think she’s maybe a little more vulnerable to herself, in her own mind. I don’t think she was in the beginning. She might be in a place where she’s more frightened than she was in the beginning.

JP: Do you think Catherine or her relationship with Ellen played a role in that?

GC: I think it all factors in. Catherine represents, really, the loss of her son. Catherine’s this lovely grandchild, but Patty’s lost her son. So it’s a bittersweet situation in a way. Also, she’s lost Tom. She’s lost Ellen. She’s lost her husband. In some ways you make up for losses as best you can. But, I think those are pretty deep losses. The loss of Ray Fiske (a longtime colleague of Patty’s who was played by Zeljko Ivanek in Season 1). And that leaves a mark on you. I don’t think, as a human being, you can go through that without it leaving some sort of emotional, psychic mark.

JP: Do you think those losses have softened Patty or made her more introspective?

GC: Well, maybe it takes a little bit more energy, at times, to keep herself together than it might have in the past.

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