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Patty arrives in her office to find her granddaughter Catherine sitting at her desk. When Catherine refuses to move Patty lashes out at her, only to see Catherine replaced by Ellen. It’s the same dream Patty had earlier this season. In the chair, Catherine is replaced by Ellen from Season 1, dressed as she was in the pilot, but bloodier. But this time Ellen says, “I love you, Mommy.” This is a slight nod to Season 2, when Patty told Ellen that if her daughter, Julia, had lived—the daughter Patty miscarried after ignoring her doctor’s order for bed rest—she would have wanted her to turn out like Ellen. Waking from her dream, Patty finds herself on the couch in her apartment.

Patty has dinner with her old friend Roger Kastle, who tells her she’s on the short list to be nominated to the Supreme Court the next time there’s a vacancy. Meanwhile, Ellen tries to pry the truth from her mother, who left her father and moved in with Ellen and Chris.

When the SEC blocks Patty’s access to Princefield’s computer servers, Patty goes on the offensive by appearing on “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell” on MSNBC, where she tells the world that McClaren sexually assaulted Naomi Walling when she refused to leak Princefield’s documents. Incensed that Patty went on TV spewing unfounded allegations, Ellen schedules a hearing with Judge Gearheart.

Responding to Ellen’s motion, Judge Gearheart issues a gag order on both women. Ellen immediately realizes this was precisely Patty’s plan—to make sure Ellen wouldn’t have a chance to respond in the press. When Ellen complains that Patty manipulated the situation, Judge Gearheart takes offense and tells her the order stands.

Ellen learns why her mother, Denise, showed up at her door in the middle of the night—she left Ellen’s father. Sick of being yelled at and taken for granted, Denise finally walked out on Gary. In the weeks since, Denise took a job at a drug store and has been staying with friends. Ellen had been determined to stay out of Parsons family dramas, but now she’s right in the middle of one.

Knowing the digital world is a young one, Patty hires a new associate named Jake Stahl. He dropped out of MIT two decades ago to focus on computers and just graduated law school with a specialty in cyber law. He knows the world of hackers better than Patty or Bill Herndon can ever hope to.

A hacker known as Samurai Seven contacts Patty and Ellen, offering to sell them information about Princefield Investment Bank. Both women hesitate, but decide they must buy the information just in case the other one does. During a late-night drop, Patty gets the Princefield information. Ellen arrives later, after Patty’s gone. Just as the hacker’s about to give her the information, he’s murdered.

As Patty reads through the hacker’s trove of data on Princefield she falls asleep and again dreams of Ellen. This time their exchange is more chilling and Patty flashes back to Ellen struggling for her life with the assassin.

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