The ultimate battle between Patty and Ellen is on! Each week, Josh Payne will give you an episode-by-episode breakdown of the developing conflict between the two women, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide who won each round. After watching last night’s episode, who do you think is ahead? Vote at the bottom of this post.

The first day of Rachel’s deposition does not go well for Ellen. Rachel shows her McClaren’s cigarette case—proof that her mother and McClaren had met before the leak.

Later, when Ellen looks over Naomi’s phone records, she notices an entry Kate highlighted—Naomi called Rachel just before she killed herself. On the second day of the deposition, Ellen catches Rachel lying about the call.

Alone in her office after the deposition, Patty throws her bourbon glass against the wall and clears her desk in a rage. Does this mean Ellen has won this round?

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