We just can’t get enough of Jenna Elfman! A few weeks ago we posted our first interview with her and, more recently, we caught up with her on the Red Carpet at the Damages premiere of the new season. And now, after watching the first episode of Season 5 (shocking, wasn’t it?), we have even more questions for Jenna. Read on.

JOSH PAYNE: What did you enjoy most about shooting Damages?

JENNA ELFMAN: The challenge of playing a drama that was very straightforward as a drama. This was the most dramatic thing I’ve ever done. I did a guest spot on Brothers & Sisters, but there was a lot of humor in that. Damages is almost noirish, in a way, so it’s a different tone of drama than I had done previously. And I liked the challenge of finding the correct calibration for myself performance-wise. I’m used to having more levity and more opportunity for humor. None of my scenes had that. There’s plenty with Glenn [Close]. They have some of those [light] moments. But my character’s scenes were very straightforward, which I found was actually a challenge. But I liked it.

JP: What was most surprising about working on Damages?

JE: A happy surprise about working on this—aside from never having done anything this dramatic—was the amount of potential leads for the whodunit and how interwoven the stories are and the characters’ story arcs. Finding those mysterious connections as the storytelling unraveled was fascinating to me, which I’m sure always happens on Damages and is just part of what Damages is, but I hadn’t ever had that experience as a performer. I found that very exciting, to be part of a show that had this structure. I really enjoyed that. The challenge was figuring out what I’m playing. Did it actually happen or is it someone’s recalling of it? How accurate is it? I just had to play each scene for real until told otherwise.

JP: How was it working with Ryan?

Amazing. I had never worked with him. He was unbelievably present in the scenes and very easy to connect with. It was quite a joy to work with him. Aside from him being just a nice guy to hang out with, he was a great scene partner. Sometimes with younger leading men I have found they can be a bit aloof. And he was absolutely not aloof in those scenes.

JP: It’s great that you felt that because your scenes together were intense.

Absolutely. He made them a million times more fun to play because you’re actually connecting with the person you’re acting with. And that’s the whole reason we do this, and it’s fun.

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