How does a ruthless all-powerful litigator on Damages transform into a subservient butler in Albert Nobbs? This didn’t pose a problem for multi-award winning actress Glenn Close who has received rave reviews for both performances last year. So what does the final season of Damages have in store for Patty Hewes? Josh Payne sits down with Ms. Close for an exclusive interview.

JOSH PAYNE: What is the biggest challenge in working on Damages?

GLENN CLOSE: The biggest challenge is our time—the amount of time to do what we have to do. To do each episode in only eight days is a huge challenge. We go so fast that you just hope you get the real meat of a scene and the meaning of the dialogue. The more you understand it, the more the audience is going to understand it. So you hope that you not only learn the lines but assimilate them in a way that will translate the meaning of what’s going on.

JP: Do you have a favorite scene from Season 5?

GC: I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know if it’s any good. But the scene I really liked was when Patty was kind of tipsy at a birthday party for Catherine and Janet’s character Kate comes to the door and I forgot that I have a party hat on. It felt fun.

JP: Is there anything you think is interesting about Damages or Patty’s character that hasn’t been discussed?

GC: What I’m impressed by is that when KZK [Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman, and Glenn Kessler, the show’s creators and executive producers] first came and pitched this idea to me, they said they wanted to explore what power does to people—various aspects of power. I think they’ve pretty much fulfilled that vision. And I think if people look at how these characters were in the beginning and how we are at the end, I think they’ve been marked. They definitely have, in some ways, been damaged. I think all of them have. I think they [KZK] really stayed close to that exploration. And I take my hat off to them. They easily could have gone off in some other direction. And I think one of the interesting questions of our time is—why do people seek power? And once they have it, how does it change them and therefore affect people in their circle of influence?

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