With DIRECTV’s Smart Search, finding exactly what you’re looking for on TV is faster and easier than ever. You can search for movies, shows, sports, people, channels, even YouTube videos. Your search results start appearing as soon as you enter the first letter.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click the MENU button on your remote, and then select Search & Browse. Click Smart Search. You’ll see a letterpad, as well as Suggested Searches highlighting new and interesting shows and movies based on what’s trending now.
  • Use your arrow buttons to navigate the letters on the letterpad and press SELECT, or use your number keys in the same way you would text on a cell phone.
  • Results start to appear as soon as you enter your first letter.
  • Want to find something on TV, but don’t remember how to spell it? No problem. Smart Search knows what you’re looking for and can interpret misspellings, nicknames, and more, returning only the results you want.
  • When your title comes up, you can set your recording options, see detailed cast info, pictures, filmographies and bios of actors and actresses–plus see upcoming movies and shows they appear in.
  • You’ll also see a listing for YouTube. Select this to see YouTube videos right on your TV.

That’s not all. The more you use Smart Search, the smarter it gets–it saves all your recent searches to help you find what you’re looking for the next time.

Try Smart Search today–the easiest, quickest and smartest way to find your TV entertainment. It’s available to customers with HD DVRs, compliments of DIRECTV.

If you have an HD or SD receiver, follow these steps to search for shows:

1. Press MENU on your remote


3. Search by title, person, channel, or keyword. Use the ARROW buttons on your remote to select letters